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The Xtractor™ Device

Xcardia Innovation Ltd.

Xcardia Innovation Ltd.

Xcardia Innovation Ltd.

Lead Extraction Device

Designed to facilitate removal of pacemaker and ICD leads with operator convenience and control

Xcardia Innovation Ltd.

Xtractor™ Device Features

  • Steerable maneuverability, controlled orientation

  • Motorized device, for ease of use

  • Pedal control, for releasing hand trigger

  • Pushable and flexible shaft

  • Advanced tip mechanism

  • Selectable modes of operation

  • Single-use device

  • Multi-use pedal for battery power, mode selection and convenience

Indication For Use

The Xtractor™ device is intended for use in patients requiring the percutaneous dilation of tissue to facilitate removal of cardiac leads, indwelling catheters, and foreign objects.

Xcardia Innovation Ltd.

The Xtractor™ device must only be used by physicians, in accordance with the Indication For Use, Instructions For Use and training.

Be aware of the warnings, precautions, risks and method of use.

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Xcardia Innovation Ltd.

Xcardia Innovation Ltd.

1 Hamada St.,  Rehovot

Israel 7670301


Images are for illustration only

Available for use in the USA and Israel

ISO 13485 Cert.

Pat. Pend. Nos. US16/641,724, EP3672506, US17/433,701, EP3930601, US18/292,350

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